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Finding an Ideal Daycare Center

If you want to give the best early childhood education to your kid, you must be looking for an ideal daycare. You want to see some positive changes to your kid growing up. If you heard of The Westport School, you better visit their official website to see their offers. For sure, you will love how they bring out the best environments for your kid. If you will focus on their classrooms, you will surely be mesmerized by the kind of arrangement they provide to make sure that your kid is safe and enjoying.

The school has a classroom for infants. The owners of the school believe that the first year of life is an important aspect for the development of infants. To meet the various stages of development, they produce classroom with colorful play areas. What you will love about them is that they hired long term caregivers. Those people are aware of the importance of child development during infancy. In fact, the room is very nurturing. You will even feel the loving environment of the said room. You will find them as a home that is truly away from real home.

Aside from classroom for infants, you will also find a classroom for toddlers. You will see the transitioning of the child from infant to “big kid”. You will meet some nurturing teachers who have developed weekly lesson plans which are all designed with each developmental stage. Your kids will avail activities that will develop their language skills, small and large muscle coordination, and cognitive and social-emotional well-being. Hence, they will have music and story time, art and sensory, and even manipulative play. Your kid will surely love to stay there because they will encounter wonder and exploration.

If your kids reach the age of two or three, you can also avail their program for that level. You want to see how your kids develop creativity, skills for self-help, and even fun. You want to see how your kids transition from infancy to the beginning of their preschool years. They create a thematic program where your kid will be able to explore the areas of science, math, language, dramatic play, movement, and even music. You will appreciate them for keeping a very knowledgeable teacher that has been with them for 20+ years. Plus, you will find your kid learning how to use the toilet. If you check their bathroom, you will find it to have a diaper table, potty chairs, and ‘big’ toilet. Those things are indeed sanitized and cleaned after use.

If you kid reaches the age of 3 or 4, he will be enrolled in preschool. The school has a developmentally appropriate curriculum. All activities are designed to meet the needs of all the areas of development. You also find your kid learning science and math. You will find the kid learning the calendar, group games, weather, literature, and even music. The teacher assigned to that stage has 3 decades of experience. Finally, you also like their pre-kinder program. You will soon see how your kid learn letters and numbers and even sight words. If you want to register your child today, just click the ‘Go Now’ button.

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